after a run, you could probably sell it for a million dollars.  When people normally think of homeless and Skid Row in particular, people don't usually have pleasant thoughts.

Words like 'dangerous,' 'scary,' or 'sad' pop into mind.  When people first hear that there is a running club that runs in Skid Row, they think something is wrong with us.

But at the end of a 5 mile morning run on Skid Row, the members of the Skid Row Running Club feel amazing and incredibly happy.  That's because we have finished our morning exercises, the endorphins are running in your bodies and we hug and congratulate one another on a job well done.  There is an indescribable feeling of community and friendship on there on the streets.

Congratulations for getting up in the morning when most of Los Angeles is still asleep.  Congratulations that we have finished 60 minutes of vigorous cardio.  Congratulations because by running with men and women on Skid Row recovering from homeless and addiction, we tackle the rest of our day knowing that we have already made a difference.



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