or Wailing Wall is considered the holiest site where people of the Jewish people are allowed to pray.  The wall is considered holy because of its connection to the Temple Mount.

Every year millions of Jews come to the Western Wall to pray.

Although members of the Skid Row Running Club represent all faiths, visiting the Western Wall was generally considered to be the best experience we had during our trip to Israel.

That's what we do:  Every 18 months or so, we take members who have stayed sober and run with us consistently on an international trip of a lifetime.  For most of our club members, they have never been out of the country, much less on an airplane.

Getting out of your bubble has a magical way of dispelling any stereotypes or notions you have about other counties or other cultures.  You realize that the world doesn't revolve around you and you have a responsibility as a member of the international community.  

We use running to change lives and international trips to expand them.



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