The hill you see is part of Chaney Trail.  It's a tough steep climb, but you get to run thru some beautiful trees to get to see some amazing views of Los Angeles.

We ran Chaney Trail with our friends at Club Run with Us, as part of our expanded weekend running opportunities.  A lot of runners were looking for new challenges and Club Run With Us, which has been a supporter of the Skid Row Running Club since our beginnings, invited to start running with them on Sundays during their trail runs.  You can click on the above link and get a copy of the running schedule.  All are welcome.

Not only is Run with Us the best running shoe story in area east of Los Angeles, but some of the people their are major speed demons.  You will frequently seem them place at the top of the marathons and 1/2 marathons in Southern California.  One would assume that running with them is intimidating, at least I thought so, but these are seriously the nicest group of runners you can ever meet.  They not only make sure to fit you with the proper pair of running shoes, but they teach you how to run, how to hydrate and take care of yourself out on the trails.

When we run with them, even thought it's clear we are 'slowing' them down on the trails, they always have one running leading the one and another at the rear making sure no one gets lost or hurt.

I personally can't think of better way of getting introduced to the world of trail running.


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