LA covers 503 miles.  It's a car dependent city.  When I was in college and people learned I was from LA , they assumed that I like everyone else in LA never walked, much less run.

Because LA is so spread out, it's easy to forget that people actually walk and even love running.  We have a great running community here in LA but because we are so far apart, runners tend not to realize just how many running clubs are out there.

Well, for one Sunday in the early summer, that changes.  Today was the Griffith Park Marathon Relay, an annual event, where all the Southern California running clubs gather in the Old Zoo of Griffith Park to engage in a 5 person team relay race.  Each team member takes turns running the same hilly 5 1/4 mile loop from the bottom of Griffith to the top.  Although there are some extremely fast and impressive teams out there, there is an overall atmosphere of fun and companionship. 

All running teams bring tents, tables and plenty of food.  They set up alongside vendors, while a DJ blasts uplifting tunes and basically the event becomes a big party.

At least for 5 hours once a year away from the roads, it seems like everyone in LA only runs and doesn't drive.

Thanks to our friends at A Runner's Circle for putting on this amazing event!



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