Several weeks ago, Armand at Run with Us in Pasadena,  brought running shoes for members of the club. 

I was gifted a pair of the Brooks Revel running shoe.  Because I am a toe runner, I usually prefer to have a high heel to toe ratio in my running shoes since my heels don't completely hit the ground.  However, I have quite enjoyed running in the Brooks Revel so far.  There is cushioning in all the right places and ample support.  I am a neutral runner by the way.  The shoes feel light and it's suprisingly responsive.  However, I don't know if there is enough support and cushioning to last me on a longer distance, for example 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles.  For know, though, I am happy to run in these shoes for our weekday morning runs along Skid Row.

What's also nice about the Brooks Revel is that it is actually a shoe that I would wear when I am not running.  Since a lot of running shoes are somewhat built up in terms of support, they tend to look like loaves of bread on your feet, and seem to stand out when you are wearing long pants.  Not so with these shoes.  I have been very comfortable wearing those shoes with my chinos, because the bulk of the shoe doesn't bunch up the bottom of my pants.

All in all I would say this is one of the better all-around use shoes I have come across recently. 


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