After today's Monday run, we have a special celebration complete with gluten free brownies, orange juice and coffee courtesy of Coffee Bean.

What was the occasion you ask?  Today was the birthday of our founder, Judge Craig Mitchell.  If hadn't been born 63 years ago, it's unlikely the Skid Row Running Club would have been founded.

We had a good group come out to support.  At the end of run, a couple homeless folks came out to join us.  One of them was Roderick Brown.  He is a gentleman that Judge Mitchell sentenced to prison many years ago.  Roderick was paroled to the Midnight Mission.  While he was there, he reached out the Craig and invited him to visit to see what he was up to.

Judge Mitchell in typical fashion ran to the Midnight Mission, which is about 1 mile from the downtown LA Superior Courts.  When got there and took a look around, he had a meeting with the then director of the Midnight Mission.  They talked and thus the Skid Row Running Club was born.


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